Innovation Leadership Solutions (ILS) is an international business that specializes in creative business solutions and professional management processes. ILS’s professional services revolve around our commitment to providing innovative and cost-effective support to our customers. ILS strategic and expeditionary experience formed a team-oriented organization with over 45 years of combined management and business success focused on our customers’ goals. Our business approach is simple, to combine the best of the breed practices, technology, integrity, education, and high fidelity talent to support our customers’ mission requirements whether commercial or defense. ILS possesses the ability to conceptualize our customers’ goals and provide adaptation of our customers.

Core Values

    Our customer and our employees are the most valuable resources in our business
    Teamwork in all forms is the foundation of our success and the formula to excel as a busines
    Meeting our customers’ demands, mission, and satisfaction is paramount in our organization
    Ethics and integrity define who we are